Stuck with several tons of retired commercial chillers removed from your plant? Call Industrial Surplus Inc., we buyused chillers and industrial equipment of every type and size. We'll dismantle them, haul them away, and leave you with cash for the trouble. Doesn't that sound like a better option than paying a local contractor to remove them? Right now we have buyers in South Carolina. They are buying large and small reciprocating chillersabsorption chillers, and centrifugal chillers. It doesn't matter whether your chillers are water-cooled chillers or air-cooled chillers, we will buy them all.

Our company is based in Houston Texas, but we have a network of haulers and service men that will come to your plant regardless of location, safely and efficiently dismantle your equipment and haul it away. There's no need for you to dedicate any staff or resources. If you are looking to purchase replacement chillers, we have a very large community of buyers and sellers that can very likely can provide you with reconditioned chillersremanufactured chillers, or evennew chillers of the exact make and model you require, and at a substantially lower price than purchasing from local commercial contractors.

Are you shutting down operations at your plant? Do you need to recover the value of plant equipment, inventory and scrap materials? Industrial Surplus Inc will buy almost any equipment, excess inventories or scrap materials and offer you top dollar. With a network of auctions and buyers we can liquidate almost anything. We'll purchase your old processing equipment, obsolete inventories of valves, pumps, and turbine parts. We'll purchase forklifts, oil field equipment, aviation, marine, and water recycling equipment, just to list a few examples. If have large fabrication equipment installed we can safely dis-assemble it and haul it away too.

We also can offer demolition services. With experienced demolition crews, scrapping, liquidation, and hauling services, we offer a single source for contracting your project. We can demo an entire plant or a partial unit. We can carefully dismantle valuable components and equipment, and scrap out the infrastructure. Or if remodeling is in your plans, we can strip the interior and recycle the scrap. We are a major buyer of scrap metals of all types, including steel and other ferrous, or non-ferrous metals, alloys, copper, aluminum, and precious metals.

Our South Carolina representatives will visit your plant, inspect and evaluate your equipment or materials, and make you a very competitive offer. All sales are prepaid so you will have cash in-hand before a scrap of material is loaded or hauled.
Call us today to get the ball rolling.