Are you contemplating a tear down and rebuild on your old industrial chiller units? Depending on size, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of down time. Sometimes it just makes more financial sense to swap them out . Call Industrial Surplus Inc. to discuss your needs and options. We buy and sell all types of commercial chillers and industrial equipment and we have buyers in South Dakota right now.

We are actively buying all types of new and used chillers. We specifically are seeking large centrifugal chillers,absorption chillers, and reciprocating chillers. It doesn't matter if they are of the air-cooled chillers or water-cooled chillers types, we'll buy them all. South Dakota is a bit remote with city centers far and few between so you may be thinking you have limited options. But our company has offices across the U.S. and our network of haulers operates in all lower 48 states. Our buyers will schedule an on-site inspection of your equipment and write you an offer.

If your plan is to swap out existing chiller units, we can locate reconditioned chillersremanufactured chillers, or even brand new chillers that match your needs through our network of sellers. In most cases you'll realize significant savings over buying new units locally.

If your plans involve plant closures or demolition, you will want to speak with our Asset Recovery Specialists. We buy all types of equipment and scraps, and can help you liquidate your assets through a network of auction houses, buyers and sellers. We buy CNC machines, forklifts, power generating equipment, marine and aviation equipment, heavy fabricating machinery, oil field equipment, and construction equipment. Our specialists will maximize the return on your liquidations. We also offer demolition services, with experienced crews to demolish or dismantle entire plants and facilities, partial units, or disassembly and removable of heavy machinery. We have experience taking down chemical plants, fabricating plants, paper and steel mills, and more.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is a major buyer and seller of scrap metals too. We can provide top dollar for all types of metals including ferrous and non-ferrous scraps, copper, precious metals, and all alloys. Our buyers will pay you a top rate and place payment in your hand before trucks are loaded or materials moved. We our proud to offer the best deals to both our sellers and buyers.

In many cases you will find that we are a one stop source for your equipment and liquidation needs. Pick up the phone us to discuss your needs. Our buyers can work to your schedule and help you plan the logistics of your project.