Industrial Surplus Want Your Chillers to Recycle

Any business living in Tennessee might be deciding to liquidate their assets. That big chiller in the workshop still has plenty of industrial uses, and a well established company called Industrial Surplus wants this machine for recycling and resale. It does not matter if they is new chillers or used chillers. There are customers waiting in line to find a bargain, and they are willing to buy remanufactured chillers as a way to save money.

Reuse and recycling has a long tradition in industry. Everything from centrifuges and forklifts go on sale when a warehouse or factory decides to liquidate, and there are plenty of buyers. These machines and parts are solidly built, and can remain in use for decades. Because they are specialized equipment, they do not benefit from the cost efficiency of mass production. They are exorbitantly expensive when purchased new.

Reconditioned Chillers are a term that means the industry equivalent of a certified used car. A reconditioned orremanufactured chiller has been inspected by experts and broken or worn parts have been replaced. It works nearly as good as new, because the components have been cleaned and refurbished. Chillers are not prone to to wear or corrosion at any rate, because most applications do not involve damaging solvents.

The steel within air-cooled chillers or water-cooled chillers is itself worth hundreds of dollars. While broken chillers can be sold for raw scrap, industrious recyclers often salvage the useful parts and place them on other units. There are not many manufacturers of specialized equipment such as centrifugal chillers, and a bulk recycler often has the luxury to repair these unique devices.

Expect to be paid handsomely for Reciprocating Chillers or Absorption Chillers. This equipment is rare, and a bulk recycler has the ability to pay appropriately for a valuable machine. Industrial Surplus is more than a bulk metal recycler; it procures a wide variety of industrial parts in operating condition and resells them.

This type of brokerage is not just environmentally friendly; it is beneficial to the whole industry. Chillers of all sorts are used in many manufacturing processes, from the production of liquid chemicals to plastics and more. A person wanting to sell will find a receptive audience and a great purchase price from a committed middleman.