Are you the facility manager for a plant with aging chillers? Are you contemplating the expense of having them moved and replaced? Contact Industrial Surplus Inc., they can help defray the cost significantly. Right now our company is actively buying used chillers in Vermont. We'll give you top dollar for your old units and haul them away. We can even offer remanufactured chillers or reconditioned chillers to replace your old units if you wish.

Why incur the expense of hiring a heating and cooling contractor to remove your old units and replace them with new chillers. Only to sit back and watch that contractor haul your units to the scrap yard and collect a nice salvage fee for himself. He's making money on the front end and back at your expense. We can offer you an alternative that makes financial sense.

Industrial Surplus Inc is a Houston Texas based company with offices in three locations across the U.S. Our company is in the business of buying and selling used industrial equipment. We are currently buying reciprocating chillers,centrifugal chillers, and absorption chillers. We'll buy both water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers. We'll dis-assemble them and move them off site and put money back on your books in the process.

We have a large established network of buyers and sellers so we can give you top dollar for your chillers regardless of condition. Contact us for a quote. It doesn't matter that you are located in Vermont, we'll send a buyer to your location to inspect your equipment and make you an offer. Our nationwide network of haulers can take away your old units or delivery new ones on a schedule that meets your needs.

We buy almost any salvageable industrial equipment, scrap metals, or other materials. We specialize in industrial metals, including precious metals, metal alloys, and all ferrous or non-ferrous scrap and we pay top dollar. 

Whether you are clearing out obsolete inventory or closing down a plant, our asset recovery specialists can work with you to liquidate equipment and inventory and maximize your cost recovery. We'll buy any kind of fabrication equipment, including generators, electrical equipment, mining equipment, oil field equipment, steel mill equipment, pulp and paper mill equipment, . We'll buy CNC machines, construction equipment, and forklifts. We'll even dispose of waste oils from industrial transformers and circuit breakers. We pay top dollar for your equipment and our buyers pay on the spot before it's even loaded on the truck.

Contact us to inquire about purchasing or excess equipment and scrap. Our representative are eager to hear from you.