Virginia is in the heart of some mighty manufacturing centers. You know doubt have several options when it comes to maintaining your commercial chillers. But if it's time for a tear down and rebuild, and they are getting up their in years. It might make more financial sense to swap them out for used chillers. Industrial Surplus Inc. buys and sells all types of commercial chillers and we have representatives in Virginia right now. We are actively buying large and small water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers. We'll by any type, including reciprocating chillerscentrifugal chillers,screw chillers, and absorption chillers

Although we are based in Houston Texas, are crews and haulers travel across the United States and can dismantle and haul your equipment regardless of location. Why allocate your own labor when we can do that for you and put cash in your hand in the process? Don't make the mistake of paying local contractors to remove your equipment without equitable compensation for its value. You can bet they'll take it right to a scrap yard and pocket the extra profit.

If you are also looking for replacement units, let us locate new chillersremanufactured chillers, or reconditioned chillers through our sellers network. You'll be surprised at the saving that can be achieved.

Is your plant being decommissioned, shut down, or demolished. Our Asset Recovery Specialists can should you how to maximize the value of the equipment and structure. We have a very large community of sellers and buyers so we can offer top dollar on your decommissioned equipment, including fork lifts, generators, fabricating equipment, plastic molding equipment, CNC machines, aviation, marine, and water recycling equipment. If your facility includes large fabricating or processing machinery, we can provide the crews to dismantle and move them off-site.

If your facility is to be demolished or dismantled, we have crews with the necessary expertise to tackle the job. Whether your plant processed chemicals or steel, paper and pulp products, or run large fabricating services, we have the expertise to carefully dismantle the equipment, strip valuable materials, and collapse and haul away the structure. We will bid on all jobs large and small, for entire plants, small unit demolitions, or stripping and gutting interiors. We 'll buy most or all of the salvaged materials and equipment.

Industrial Surplus Inc, buys and sells large amounts of scrap metals, whether steel framing, or other types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, copper, or gold and silver plating. Our buyers are proud to offer the best deals to sellers and buyers a like.

Call to schedule a meeting with our buyers. They can evaluate your equipment and materials and make very favorable offers. We prepay on all equipment and material purchases before any materials are moved or loaded.