There are chillers in Washington that we want to have. We will come with our trucks and our crew and our money. We really like New Chillers and we buy all that are there. Upon arrival, we will search for Used Chillers because they are on our list. While we are examining your inventory, we look for your Surplus, buy it, pay for it, and load it too. Surely, you have Remanufactured Chillers, and so, we want those. If you show us the Reconditioned Chillers, it will make us glad. We are coming for chillers and that includes any Air-cooled Chillers, and Water-cooled Chillers not yet sold. We will find all your Water-cooled = Semi Hermetic Chillers + Scroll Chillers + Screw Chillers and make you an offer. The crew is delighted if they spot Centrifugal Chillers on their mission to purchase. Reciprocating Chillers are good, hope you have those. Absorption Chillers are a type we fancy, if we spy them, we’ll be dancing.

If the New Chillers are lined up and neat, that is nice, but we really don’t care. If the Used Chillers are hidden, we will find them and load. But first we will pay you, of that you can be sure. Surplus is not extra to us, it is what we need, and what we buy. Show us all the Remanufactured Chillers around. There won’t be too many, it is good that they’re found. Be sure to make a list of Air-cooled Chillers and Water-cooled Chillers for sale. We will buy them all, take them home with big trucks. Don’t forget how much we like Water-cooled = Semi Hermetic Chillers + Scroll Chillers + Screw Chillers we will deal on too. We can’t say it too much, show us your Centrifugal Chillers to take home on our truck. Washington is great, we want to come. We are standing by for your call. Send us your pics of the Reciprocating Chillers, and views of Absorption Chillers as well. Our number is (713) 644-4011. Please call us today. Email is checked all the time at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.