With all the dairy industry in Wisconsin, we see a lot of commercial chillers struggling round the clock to keep up with demand. Without proper maintenance they have short lives. If you are faced with the decision to replace your commercial chillers, or tear them down and rebuild them, leaving them off line for weeks, call Industrial Surplus Inc., we can offer you a third option. We are a major buyer and seller of used chillers and industrial equipment and we have representatives in your state ready to make you an offer.

We are buying large industrial reciprocating chillersabsorption chillers, and centrifugal chillers right now. No matter if they are water-cooled chillers or air-cooled chillers, large or small, we'll take them off your hands at a competitive price. If you need to swap out your existing chillers to avoid down time, we have a large network of sellers that we can turn to locate remanufactured chillers or reconditioned chillers that match your spec requirements. We even occasionally find brand new chillers liquidated from other facilities.

We are located in Houston Texas, but don't let that put you off. Our crews travel across the lower 48 dismantling, picking up, or dropping off chillers and other industrial equipment. We can schedule a visit that meets your time frame.

We realize there is more to Wisconsin then just dairy. We service all types of industries, including manufacturing, fabricators, chemical processors, paper and pulp mills, steel mills, and power generating plants. Does your need go beyond replacement of chillers? Do you need to liquidate the equipment and material assets of an entire plant or facility? Talk to our Asset Recovery Specialists. They can work with you to extract maximum value from your assets. We have a very large network of sellers and buyers, we can buy almost any type of equipment, regardless of size and purpose. We buy construction equipment, fabricating equipment, marine and aviation equipment, oil field equipment, water recycling equipment, centrifuges, CNC machine, generators, forklifts, and more.

We also can provide a one stop service for your demolition needs. Our experienced crews can dismantle or demolish entire plants, individual buildings, or disassemble large pieces of machinery and move them out. We can manage almost any type of plant, including chemical plants, steel mills, large fabricators, paper processors, power generation stations and more. Call to discuss your specific job.

Industrial Surplus Inc actively buys and sells large amounts of industrial scrap metals. We'll buy steel plates and beams, special alloys, and ferrous or non-ferrous materials. We pay top dollar for scrap and we prepay on all purchases before the material leaves your plant