When commercial chillers start to fail, you can bet a major financial outlay is on the near horizon. They are big, they are complicated, and they are expensive to service. If you're a facility supervisor and are facing the decision whether to pull units offline for a two week tear down and rebuild, or to replace them with new chillers, let Industrial Surplus Inc, expand those options to a third one. We are a prime buyer and seller of used chillers and industrial equipment and we have representatives in Alabama buying equipment right now. Call to learn what kind of cash you can get for your used chillers, and what kind of price we can offer for remanufactured chillers of reconditioned chillers.

Our representatives will buy almost any type of chiller, any size, and in any kind of condition. We currently buy large industrial absorption chillersreciprocating chillers, and centrifugal chillers, and we'll purchase both water-cooled chillers or air-cooled chillers. We will take them off your hands at a competitive price and help you locate replacements if that's your goal.

Our company headquarters is located in Houston Texas, but not to worry, our crews travel cross country to dismantle, haul away, or deliver chillers and other equipment.

Perhaps you are closing down a plant and need to liquidate its assets. We have Asset Recovery Specialists that can help you get the highest returns on your liquidated assets. We buy and sell any kind of equipment through a large community of sellers and buyers across the country. We'll buy your processing and fabricating equipment and machinery, and we'll buy unitized items like generators, forklifts, CNC machines, water recycling equipment, and centrifuges. We can liquidate marine equipment, aviation equipment, plastic fabricating equipment, oil field equipment, and certain inventories and spare parts. Do you have a problem with on-site storage of used dielectric oils for power transformers and break switches? We can dispose of that too.

If you have demolition needs, we can offer one stop shopping for services. We have expertise in dismantling or demolishing all types of plants and facilities, including large processing plants and fabricators, chemical or paper processing plants, and steel mills. Whether you need an entire plant taken down, a partial section, or stripping of an interior to ready the space of a new operation, we have the crew and the equipment to complete the job quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Industrial Surplus Inc buys large amounts of industrial scrap metals too. We make markets in special alloys, scrap steel, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, copper, aluminum and precious metals. We pay very competitive rates for scrap, and prepay for all purchases before removing materials or equipment.

Give our Alabama representatives call today to ask what we can do for you