The number one resource for resale of chillers in Alaska, Industrial Surplus, Inc. is the HVAC connection for trade inused chillers, reconditioned chillers, remanufactured chillers and new chillers. Return on investment in used chiller machines is the main criteria to purchase. Chillers acquired by the company must show optimum working capacity.

Industrial asset acquirers trading in chiller machines and equipment are interested in resale trade of competitive market rate products. Our company purchases centrifugal chillers, air-cooled chillers, absorption chillers, reciprocating chillers, and water-cooled chillers.

Chillers are used for stabilizing materials in a number of professions. Found in the healthcare sector in use of cool high-heat storage, lasers, MRI machines and X-ray diffraction in clinical settings such as hospitals, chillers control temperature of pharmaceutical compounds. Also used in chemical processing, food and beverage processing, metals manufacture and pharmaceutical formulation. 

All chiller machines purchased by the company must evidence fully functioning panel features (i.e. fault indicators, pressure indicators and temperature indicators) prior to acquisition. This includes remote control panel and local control panel features. Some chillers include tertiary features (i.e. casters, emergency alarm, hot gas bypass and water switchover) that may or may not be of interest at time of purchase. 

Specifications to chiller purchase typically involve: IP rating, power source, circuits, coolant requirement, cooling capacity, condenser capacity and material and evaporator capacity, material and type and number and type of compressors.
Audit of kilowatts per refrigeration ton (kW/RT) efficiency, fluid discharge temperature and motor fan, noise and piping are also reviewed for performance and total life cycle cost per unit. 

Chillers are engineered as closed-loop systems to generate cooling by way of valve controlled circulation of fluids. Chiller fluid reciprocity is essential to the proper re-circulation and temperature stability. Compliance with environmental regulation is criteria to purchase of chillers. Machines must meet spec to be considered for resale. 

Purchase of chillers may be reviewed for state environmental rules to trade. Some states regulate the type and method of injecting refrigerants. Standard compliance to emissions controls and energy kW/RT and toxic readings may inform the decision. 

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