Industrial Surplus, Inc. is a family-owned business that specializes in oil circuit breaker disposal in the state of Wisconsin. An oil circuit breaker is a mechanical device that uses oil for as the medium where the circuit arc forms. When the times comes to replace the breakers, the metal and mechanics are recyclable, instead of letting these items clutter the work space and company areas. That is where Industrial Surplus, Inc. comes into the picture. This company is an oil circuit buyer to safely remove the items from the company premises. Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, the oil circuit breaker buyers at Industrial Surplus, Inc. are able to handle all quantity of items for recycling.

All companies benefit from having a plan set in place for recycling surplus equipment from the premises. The oil circuit breakers use a non pcb oil that makes the items easy to recycle and transport off the property. There are several reasons why National Surplus, Inc. is the best option for an oil circuit breaker buyer. All items being sold are either picked up on-site or has shipping arranged. The company does not have to deal with transporting the breakers. National Surplus makes on offer immediately and pays before taking the items away. If there is a large quantity of items being sold, all items are negotiated as a lot so there is no picking and choosing. This cost-effective option for recycling means the company deals with one vendor and gets the process completed all at once. 

Industrial Surplus, Inc. is a nationwide company that offers recycling services in all states, including Wisconsin. Satisfaction is guaranteed when choosing to sell surplus oil circuit breakers to get them out of the way of business operations. It always pays to consider selling these items to a recycling company that does all the work to make the sale.