Industrial Surplus Inc. provides circuit breakers for oil circuit breaker buyers. Our equipment caters for both PCB and non pcb oil. The use of PCB as a coolant for industrial purposes was banned in 1979 due to its adverse effects on the environment. Oil can be a source of PCB and may be exposed into the environment as a result of spills, damage or poor maintenance. Sometimes oil circuit breaker disposal is necessary because the circuit breakers themselves become contaminated with PCB as a result of accidental contact.


There are a number of advantages that come with using the circuit breakers. They are safe to use because of the provision of insulation against the container that has been earthed. The safety is also enhanced through the process that leads to the production of gas and a harmless fluid.

This makes the circuit breakers a preferred method of disposing both PCB and non pcb oil. The production of the safe byproducts promotes the recycling process and offers raw materials such as, methane and other gases that can be used in other industrial processes. The machinery is well suited for industrial applications where the release of PCB is likely.


We have an assortment of oil circuit breakers that range from type to make. Industrial Surplus Ltd. Alabama sells tank type and low-oil capacity circuit breakers from various manufacturing companies. We welcome any oil circuit breaker buyer to visit one of our stores for some of these environment friendly devices. The circuit breakers are efficient, reliable and you can be assured that the equipment is of high quality.


Our oil circuit breakers come at very affordable prices. The diverse machinery caters for every budgetary allocation. The equipment comes with a warranty and guarantee of performance. Industrial Surplus Inc. is ready to assist all interested oil circuit breaker buyers with relevant information in choosing the best equipment that suits their needs. Our contacts can be obtained from our website or you can find out our location from the site and pay us a visit at our Alabama offices for further information.