Companies in the state of Delaware that need to dispose of circuit breakers might be interested in the services of Industrial Surplus Inc., a nationwide asset recovery business based in Houston, TX that buys surplus, unwanted and unused industrial and electrical equipment.

Oil circuit breaker disposal can be a difficult and expensive task for any business that might have outdated, unused and unwanted circuit breakers on their property.

Oil circuit breakers are filled with cooling oil that protects the internal breaker parts from damage due to arcing as the internal electrical contacts are moved. The oil inside the equipment undergoes degradation after a period of time and must be changed out periodically. Oil left over from maintenance on an oil circuit breaker can be sold to a buyer like Industrial Surplus Inc., which buys all types of industrial oil for recovery.

There are a number of requirements for the proper disposal of unwanted electrical equipment like transformers, capacitors and circuit breakers due to the oil they contain. Oil circuit breakers can contain either PCB oil or non PCB oil, so the type of oil in any circuit breaker must be determined before disposal or disposition. An alternative to disposing of circuit breakers is to contact an oil circuit breaker buyer who can find a recovery or scrap value in the equipment. Industrial Surplus Inc. not only buys oil, it also salvages and resells used electrical equipment to buyers looking for budget-priced electrical equipment.

Delaware companies looking for a way to turn their outdated, unused or scrap electrical equipment should include Industrial Surplus Inc. among the oil circuit breaker buyers they contact to give them a quote. A representative will come to their business site, survey the equipment and give them a quote for their used equipment or oil. Industrial Surplus Inc. can turn unwanted circuit breakers from a liability to an asset that can generate some cash.