Industrial Surplus World is knowledgeable about safe oil circuit breaker disposal, removal and recycling. Circuit breaker oil can become just as contaminated as transformer oil can be. The oil is a high-grade mineral oil just as transformer oil is.

We also handle recycling of oil-filled equipment. Industrial Surplus World is the leading disposal company in all aspects of dealing with government controlled toxic substances. We have a staff that has been trained to safely handle circuit breaker oil and especially oil containing PCBs. High quantities of oil used for circuit breakers were cross-contaminated by the equipment that was used on transformers. 

All of our services are cost-effective and available in Florida. Please look at our web site for an extensive list of services.

The process of recycling circuit breaker oil that is contaminated with PCBs is requires skill and experience. Circuit breaker oil has often been used for many years, and during its life time many contaminants have penetrated the oil. While PCBs have been around for many years, the danger involved in extracting PCBs from the oil has not changed. We learn more each day about the best method for removing and recycling PCB oil. Industrial Surplus World also buys Non pcb oil.

We have all of the equipment and skill to empty the oil circuit breakers of oil and haul it safely to a decontamination site.

Cleaning the oil to eliminate contaminated metals renders it ready for recycling. Of course cleaning the oil of PCBs is only part of the recycling process. We properly dispose of PCBs by incineration, and we reduce your liability by following the government procedures to the letter. PCB wastes are thermally disposed of according to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) rules and the EPA. Industrial Surplus World is skilled at disposing of this material according to government procedures, and no one understands better the penalties for violating the TSCA. That is why we always protect the customer. We are fully equipped to remove and store oils for PCB testing

The oil circuit breaker buyers are looking for reduced price oil that will serve the needs of circuit breaker stations. The oil circuit breaker buyer for a single station should be looking for new high-grade oil that will withstand the use it will be subjected to.

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