Are you an owner of an industrial company in Georgia in need of a reliable way to dispose of your surplus equipment, such as oil circuit breakers? Industrial Surplus, Inc. is an established Houston-based company that provides disposal services throughout the United States, including oil circuit breaker disposal. As a company that has been grown from the ground up to serve industrial disposal needs nationwide, Industrial Surplus is the answer to your company's needs as well.

It can be a headache figuring out what to do with old oil circuit breakers and other industrial equipment. Liquidation of surplus equipment and inventory can be a costly process, taking up valuable time and labor. As an oil circuit breaker buyer, as well as a buyer of other surplus industrial equipment, Industrial Surplus answers this problem for companies all over the U.S. by removing all of the old equipment and recycling the scrap.

When you contact Industrial Surplus, they will send a purchasing agent to service your equipment and scrap at your Georgia location. You can also rely on Industrial Surplus to handle all the clearing work. There is no need to invest your own labor force in the job of removing your old equipment. 

In addition to this high level of customer service, you will find the prices at Industrial Surplus highly competitive among oil circuit breaker buyers. This is especially true when you consider the savings in both time and money from unloading your entire surplus stock in one single transaction. The purchasing agent who evaluates your surplus equipment will make you an offer on-site for the entire lot of equipment you are looking to unload. 

If you have a non pcb oil circuit breaker or any other industrial equipment that needs to be liquidated, visit Industrial Surplus at their website ( and give them a call. They will arrange a visit from one of their highly qualified and professional purchasing agents, and you will be well on your way to clearing out your old inventory once and for all, and moving forward with your company's important business.