The proper oil circuit breaker disposal is a necessary requirement of all commercial businesses. The water, trace water, particles and gas must be drained. The circuit breaker oil should be removed and recycled, if possible. Companies must follow strict EPA, CERCLA, CAA, CWA, SARA, TSCA and RCRA guidelines in the retiring and disposing of circuit breakers.

All the relevant guidelines are translated into laws with the federal and state government. Violating any of these laws can result in stiff penalties. Industrial Surplus Inc. in Idaho recycles circuit breakers and disposes of them according to all the multitude of legal requirements. They specialize in this complicated legal disposal process. They also recycle all equipment and oil that can be used by new users. 

Oil circuit breaker buyers have access to retrofitted equipment. Oil circuit breakers are sold at the current market price for used equipment. All equipment sold at Industrial Surplus is recycled, cleaned or retrofitted. Their inventory includes a lot of electrical switch machinery and circuit breakers are just one type of electrical switchgear they specialize in refurbishing and selling. 

Oil circuit breaker disposal must be completed with concern for its effect on the environment. Disposal must avoid depositing environmentally hazardous or toxic materials. Recycling the equipment is one successful way to prevent the disposal of equipment that still has valuable use and protect the environment. All oils and fluids are drained before the equipment is resold. Any oil circuit breaker buyer can buy with confidence from Industrial Surplus Inc.

Complete the right course of action by disposing of oil circuit breakers through Industrial Surplus. Allow them to manage the legal disposal of electrical equipment. They are experts in the process of disposal and they follow all the legal requirements to do so. Liquids and oils are removed. Non PCB oil is recycled and equipment is refurbished, retrofitted and recycled. The seller of such equipment is well compensated and all parties are rewarded. The buyer of the refurbished equipment also saves a significant amount of money.