When super high voltage electricity is passed through an AC switch main contacts in a circuit, an arc is created. Drawing a fluid, such as a Non pcb oil, between that super intense heat, the oil is instantly turned to vapor, and that vapor is turned into methane and liberated ethylene gas. Within that small area of the arc, a bubble of gas with the pressure of over twenty to thirty meganewtons is formed. At that exact instant, the vapors from the oil cool the gas bubble so fast it is nothing more than an arc of power. Oil circuit breakers are complex pieces of equipment.

Industrial Surplus World is a company that handles the safe removal of Oil Circuit Breakers through out the state of Kansas. What began as one man, helping large companies clean up some of their outdated and unused equipment and old machinery, has turned into a family owned and operated business that is going all over the country providing services like Oil Circuit Breaker disposal.

Lots of companies have some unwanted merchandise that they no longer are in need of. There are also a multitude of companies that are just starting out or are struggling, and could find considerable use out of the unwanted equipment of these other companies. This is where Industrial Supply World fills that gap.

By providing Oil Circuit Breaker disposal for one company, there is another Oil Circuit Breaker buyer searching for a deal. By doing business with these large companies, Industrial Surplus have created a solid relationship within the business world and their name have become synonymous with providing the removal and sales of heavy duty industrial goods and surplus. No job is too large, or too small.

The saying that one mans junk is another mans gold holds true in the world of unwanted industrial equipment. Whether Industrial Surplus World is being contacted by a company needing scrap machines and/or metals removed, or they are being contacted by oil circuit breaker buyers, they will handle the job.