If you have a circuit breaker panel problem, then you may have problems with the oil used in the panel's function. It may even require the oil circuit breaker disposal, which can be a time consuming and tedious process. This can be especially true if your panel uses non PCB oil, which comes with its own headaches. Fortunately if your business is located in Maine then you can turn over your disposal issues to Industrial Surplus Inc., and they'll make sure that your oil circuit breakers go where they need to go and that they're properly disposed of at the end of the day.

Industrial Surplus Inc. knows that for every product on the market, even waste product, there are buyers and sellers. Oil circuit breaker buyers are in the market for the used product that can be recycled and treated, but they don't have the connections or the resources to find companies that need to get rid of their circuit breakers. Additionally, companies that need an oil circuit breaker buyer may have the product, but they may not be able to find someone interested in buying it. The result then is that the company can pay to simply have the oil carted off, or they can work with a middleman to make a more equitable arrangement so that all sides come out better off for the transfer of product.

This is only one of the services that Industrial Service Inc. can provide for its customers. The company specializes in finding surplus items, machines and scrap that are of no use to its clients, items that are just taking up space and which may never be used, and finding something more productive and profitable to do with them. After all, a business can never afford to just leave stocks that aren't doing it any good, and if you make more room for newer product and you make a profit on top of that, then it's a win-win situation.