Oil circuit breakers have a limited life. Depending on the intensity of use, some may function for longer or shorter periods of time than others. These units come in various sizes from ones that will fit into the palm of your hand, to units attached to telephone/power poles, and to ground models that sit on concrete slabs. The oil in each unit has two functions: firstly, it extinguishes the arc formed when the circuit overloads; and secondly it insulates the live parts from its metallic housing. Despite all the EPA regulations on dealing with and/or disposing hazardous wastes, getting rid of your old or obsolete oil circuit breaker is not complicated. 

Do you have a unit that is approaching the end of its life or an old one that is just taking up space by sitting idle on your lot? Would you like to get rid of it and get back some of your investment? There are many oil circuit breaker buyers world-wide. But why sell to a Chinese company when you can deal with an oil circuit breaker buyer closer to home? In Maryland, Industrial Surplus Inc. is a well-respected oil circuit breaker buyer that can handle the disposal and/or recycling of PCB and non PCB oil

Located in Houston, TX, Industrial Surplus takes care of oil circuit breaker disposal on a nationwide basis. They have actively been in the business of buying and selling used oil circuit breakers for over 10 years and are willing to pay top dollar for used units. They specialize in asset recovery. They will offer cash for any new, used or obsolete units that you may have. As oil circuit breaker buyers, they offer you a cost effective way to get your unwanted material off your lots and out of your hair.