Industrial Surplus Inc. is now offering businesses and individuals in the state of Mississippi its services as an oil circuit breaker buyer. This company has been proudly serving business and industry for years and brings their experience and dedication to customer service with them to the oil circuit breaker disposal industry. They began as a seller and buyer of surplus industrial equipment. Their reputation quickly grew because the company was dedicated to working with their suppliers and clients as well as providing a great career for the employees who found a home with the company. This vision quickly ensured the success of Industrial Surplus and offers anyone in Mississippi a chance to benefit from their new line of service.

Non pcb oil has been a problem for many firms in the state of Mississippi. This oil has a potential for hazard and necessitates the recycling and disposal that is only offered with an experienced industrial provider. Oil circuit breaker buyers can provide their clients with cash for this discard, but many companies have found it difficult to locate a buyer for their oil circuit breakers. For this reason, Industrial Surplus has decided to expand its services and bring its networks and infrastructure to the oil circuit breaker disposal industry. They offer some of the best rates in the industry and can make convenient arrangements for the transportation and disposal of oil circuit breakers.

Relying on the experienced professionalism of Industrial Surplus Inc. is the smart way for any company in Mississippi to ensure their non pcb oil is recycled with care. Clients will also benefit from the dedication to customer service that has made Industrial Surplus a national leader in the disposal and recycling of industrial machinery and other goods. This company provides their clients with unparalleled support and is ready to offer their assistance in a variety of other ways. They can handle all quantities of oil and can provide their customers with some of the best rates in the industry. Most oil circuit breaker buyers have not made this commitment to their clients, and there has been a need in the industry for this type of service.