FACT: Over a 150 million metric tons of scrap materials are recycled annually according to a report generated by ISRI.org

These recycling statisitics include all aspects of the scraping industry from 85 million tons of iron and steel to 47 million tons of paper and paper products. The focus of our conversation centers around one of the more specific items being recycled regularly these days, oil circuit breakers.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is an industry leading recycler of circuit breaker oil disposal units and more.

The American-based recycling industry might have the initial impression of being simple and not very profitable as the impression for some is that its limited to aluminum cans and bottles. 

But, in reality the recycling industy is a sophisticated and massively profitable business sector and it's considered the first major link in the industrial supply chain for enviromentally concious manufacturers and more specifically the used oil circuit breaker buyers

In Nevada, oil circuit breaker disposal usually hapens when upgrades are performed on older equipment. In larger load ratings, oil circuit breakers are mad to rely on the vaporization of a small amount of the “oil” to blast through the arc. 

Nowadays, air-break circuit breakers are installed to replaced the older oil-filled units especially for all indoor uses and applications. Even though they are already replacing the air-breaker circuits themselves with newer circuits that are all non pcb oil using vacuum circuit breakers.

As an oil circuit breaker buyer Industrial Surplus Inc. not only offers to send a representative to Nevada to see your facility but, they will also make you an offer on site. Once an offer is excepted they arrange shipping and have the entire area cleared.

Industrial Surplus Inc. also prides themselves on taking it all and will not pick and choosing through your site which saves you the time and hassle of having to seek out multiple recyclers. And, everything is bought as is and warranties aren't necessary.

So, if it's a yard of old oil circuits or a yard of scrap metal Industrial Surplus Inc. is only a quick phone call away.