Circuit breaker oil is considered to be a substance with a high level of danger. Any leak causes tremendous concern. According to an Eaton Corp Report issued in 2008, one incident in the State of New Jersey resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of environmental clean-up due to the spillage of insulating oil. The clean-up of past spillage was required also. We appreciate and respect New Jersey’s level of concern for the people of the State and the land as well as the rivers. The opportunity for disaster to occur in New Jersey is immense because the state is at center of power transmission on the eastern seaboard.

As we recognize that New Jersey has serious concerns about the leakage of oil during the circuit breaker operation presenting potentially hazardous conditions, we continually prepare for the safest work on our part. While New Jersey is concerned with any spillage of the oil, we are equally if not more concerned with our disposal procedures that prevent spillage. We constantly train our staff to work in the safest way always being cognizant of the danger they must prevent. Any spillage on the ground must be prevented.

Oil circuit breakers are not always visible or recognizable so we review the nameplate

information and manufacturer's information to verify what we are working with. Industrial Surplus Inc. assures every customer that we will take every safety precaution to eliminate any risk of fire or ground contamination. Please read about our history and the variety of recycling we do: We make sure that the circuit breaker housings are safe to work with in the removal of the oil. 

We follow all state and federal regulations on the handling of toxic substances and certainly the handling of PCBs. The Eaton Corporation Report cited above states that: “There are contractors that specialize in the safe removal and disposal of these hazardous substances… and owners can hire these resources to perform these functions.” Industrial Surplus Inc. is the leader in oil circuit breaker disposal. We also buy Non pcb oil.

There are oil circuit breaker buyers who buy cast-off oil circuit breakers. An oil circuit breaker buyer may be the person to have on-site when the oil is drained so that a price bid can be made immediately, and the removal will be handled by someone else who will be responsible for not contaminating the land with any oil that did not drain completely out.