Oil circuit breakers are common and vital components to any commercial or industrial facility working with loads of power tools and electrical wiring. They provide a means of protecting the operator and employees of the facility via immediately stopping the machinery or equipment from working further if flaws or damages are detected. Inside circuit breakers, the oil may not be non PCB oil, meaning that the substance can potentially harm the environment or the surrounding living organisms within it if it is disposed of carelessly. If you are looking for North Carolina oil circuit breaker buyers, one option to consider is Industrial Surplus Inc.

Industrial Surplus Inc. may be able to help you haul out and recycle your unused surplus oil circuit breakers and remove it from your garage or warehouse wherein it only takes up space. You may think the best way to dispose of such equipment or machinery is by throwing it in the trash bin or having it collected by local junkyards for a cheap price. However, one should realize that they are both wasting money as well as letting the environment suffer from such mindless actions. Working with Industrial Surplus Inc., you not only get to help save the environment but also receive a significant amount of money that can serve as your additional source of funds or income.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is a company that has been prominent within its respective industry for decades. The company carries a belt of years of experience and recognition worldwide, making it easier to trust the company and encourage clients to work with them. Industrial Surplus Inc. is not only a oil circuit breaker buyer but also buys other industrial or commercial equipment, machinery and vehicles. In fact, they have worked with a number of facilities including manufacturing plants, chemical and power plants, oil and mining fields and so on. They service clients both local and international with thousands of agents and representatives and hundreds of branches and warehouses scattered around the globe. Call the company today to obtain the best oil circuit breaker disposal service you can find.