The lifespan of old oil circuit breakers is soon to come to an end, giving rise to a new scrap market in North Dakota.

Oil breakers have been a core component of the electrical power industry for a long time. They protect important power conduits from short-circuiting and are in use in many of the major power installations around the globe. However, growing concerns about the environmental side effects and costs relating to their insulation have caused many power stations to transition to new Sulfer Hexoflouride (SF6) circuit-breakers, leaving the weathered old breakers without much to do.

It has been a slow process of change since the introduction of SF6 breakers, but recent developments in cost-effectiveness of the new breakers combined with the slow rise in cost of old machinery as it nears the end of its lifespan have recently propped up the rate of replacement. Additionally the environmental issues of non PCB oil can be costly in the case of leaks, which old machines tend to have frequently. There's plenty of tall power lines piping through the countryside of North Dakota, and this shared environmental concern has prompted some lobbying on the matter.

This transition is being fueled further by simple wear and tear. Thousands of oil circuit breakers are nearing the end of their useful life. The market has dried up for replacement parts, greatly inflating replacement prices. Expensive maintenance activities and environmental concerns have customers scrambling for replacement. Companies are not only interested in new breakers, but also require oil circuit breaker disposal in the meantime.

Scrap companies have taken notice of this sudden surge of useless equipment. Oil circuit breaker buyers are scavenging the countryside. Industrial Surplus, Inc., one such oil circuit breaker buyer, has come into prominence as a major collector of scrap circuit breakers. Industrial Surplus arranges for the removal of old oil breakers, and can arrange pick-up in most locations. If you require replacement of old breakers in your electrical pipeline, be sure to contact Industrial Surplus, Inc..