Circuit breakers play in an essential role in modern society. While oil circuit breakers are necessary for many industrial applications, it can be difficult to expose used circuit breaker oil in Ohio. Many cities in Ohio have local laws and regulations regarding oil circuit breaker disposal.

Circuit breaker oil is regulated due to the presence of several dangerous toxins. Circuit breaker oil is used to prevent electrical arcing in high-voltage transformers. Since an air gap can result in electrical discharge, it's important to have a non-conductive fluid to prevent arcing. 

While early oil circuit breaker buyers used oil containing PCBs, this practice has been outlawed in recent times. It's important for an oil circuit breaker buyer to make sure that a product has no hazardous substances or other toxins. It's often possible to buy a Non pcb oil from a variety of suppliers.

PCBs are a type of industrial chemical used as an insulator. They have excellent non-conductive properties for use in transformers and circuit breakers. Unfortunately, PCBs are similar in structure to many human hormones. Exposure to PCBs can result in birth defects, heart disease, cancer and other serious health problems. In addition, PCBs do not degrade naturally in the environment. It's often possible to find PCBs that have contaminated ground water supplies several decades ago. In addition, many types of fish and other animals can be harmed by the presence of PCBs in the environment. 

While most new circuit breakers don't use oils containing PCBs, it's important to understand that many units may have some PCB residue. Since some circuit breakers and transformers are several decades old, it's possible to find residual levels of PCBs in many circuit breakers. The Environmental Protection Agency requires any oil containing more than five parts per billion of PCBs to be marked as a hazardous substance.

PCBs are also used in many developing nations. Since some transformers and circuit breakers are shipped to the United States from a foreign country, it's important to check for the presence of PCBs.

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