Cleaning up an industrial site is no doubt a big job and often times are frustrating for business owners who need to get the job done right without acquiring an enormous clean up debt. 

Located in Houston, Texas, Industrial Surplus Inc., a family owned and operated business, buys and sells surplus machinery and equipment of all types. In addition, Industrial Surplus Inc. specializes in asset recovery and oil circuit breaker disposal with non pcb oil. 

Industrial Surplus Inc. cleans up all types of industrial sites such as; power plants, paper mills, and oil refineries nationwide. They will come to the site before making an offer, clean up the area and make shipping arrangements for oil circuit breakers and other industrial surplus material. 

There is no need to have a multiple vendors on site that only buy a few choice items such as other oil circuit breaker buyers. Industrial Surplus Inc. will buy it all and clean the site thoroughly leaving nothing behind. Leaving a site clear of all industrial equipment and machinery helps the environment from the potential leaking of hazardous chemicals and other materials into the environment. 

Industrial Surplus Inc. an oil circuit breaker buyer provides exceptional customer service with customer satisfaction, guaranteed. Customer satisfaction means quick payment and customers do not have to wait for payment unlike other companies which pay according to a monthly payment system.

When it comes to oil circuit breakers, Industrial Surplus Inc. a family operated and owned business, buys and sells all types of industrial machinery and equipment. Industrial Surplus Inc. will not make an offer until they arrive on the site; the staff members are friendly and helpful which provides good customer service. Power plants, oil refineries, and paper mills are just a few types of industrial sites Industrial Surplus Inc. clean up. 

Industrial Surplus Inc. guarantees customer satisfaction of oil circuit breaker disposal in Oklahoma, as well as other industrial equipment and machinery.