Oregon is one of the greenest states in America. Not only because of its trees but because its residents are interested in recycling properly and keeping the environment free of harmful products. Reusing products is also important to the people who live in Oregon. Industrial Surplus Inc. is also interested in keeping our environment green. This family owned business is well respected throughout the United States for recycling useful as well as harmful products. 

Industrial Surplus Inc. is well respected for oil circuit breaker disposal. It can be hard to find a fair and honest oil circuit breaker buyers in Oregon. Industrial Surplus offers this service in a fast and friendly manner. Oil circuit breakers and non pcb oil should be recycled carefully. This surplus company has the technology to do this safely with no harm to the Oregon environment. It is unlawful to throw out these oil electrical equipment pieces without using the proper technology to dismantle and destroy the harmful substances contained in oil circuit breakers. It is great when you can find a company who will not only recycle these items for you, they are a oil circuit breaker buyer who can be trusted. You want to make sure that when you sell your items they are disposed of in a way that will not harm the beautiful Oregon environmentl. Your customers will be happy to know that you recycle all of your used products helping to keep the state of Oregon one of the greenest in the nation.

When you call the friendly staff, they can answer many of the questions that you may have. They can also explain about many of the other items they sell and buy. You may find that the services offered by Industrial Surplus Inc. can help your company in many ways. Start your partnership with this company who cares about keeping your environment safe by calling today.