Industrial Surplus World is the leader in disposing government controlled toxic substances. Our strength in this business stems from the extensive training of our employees, our knowledge and dedication to all government rules and regulations, and having the leading edge technology to do the job. Circuit breaker oil removal and disposal is a specialty of our company and our experience with the contaminated oil makes us the company you want on your property to remove contaminated oil; especially oil containing PCBs. High quantities of oil used for circuit breakers were often cross-contaminated by PCBs on the equipment that was used on transformers. 

Our services are available throughout Rhode Island and we consider ourselves specialists in this state. All of our services are cost-effective and available in Rhode Island including oil circuit breaker disposal. Please look at our web site for an extensive list of services.

Circuit breaker oil can take a long time to extract depending on the size of the holding tank. It is essential that the integrity of the tank inside and outside the tank be maintained during removal. We will assist in testing the oil for PCBs because their presence will require extensive cleaning of the tank by the owner. 

Removing and recycling circuit breaker oil is a task that we have trained for and invested in the necessary equipment to accomplish. Other contaminants have penetrated the circuit breaker oil during its useful life. While PCBs have been around for many years, the danger involved in extracting PCBs from the oil has not changed. We learn more each day about the best method for removing and recycling PCB oil. Industrial Surplus World will also buy Non pcb oil.

Cleaning the oil to eliminate contaminated metals and PCBs is part of the recycling process. We properly dispose of PCBs by incineration, and we reduce your liability by following the government procedures of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

The oil circuit breaker buyers look for reduced price oil that will serve the needs of oil circuit breakers. The oil circuit breaker buyer should be looking for new high-grade oil that will remain stable under high heat.