Circuit breaker oil plays an essential role in modern industry. While most homeowners and small businesses will not use oil circuit breakers, they are commonly used in power plants and other industrial settings. High voltage circuit breakers can experience electrical arcs. These are caused by ionized air conducting electricity over several inches. Electrical arcs can create a dangerous environment. 

Most oil circuit breakers are designed to prevent electrical arcs. Many companies in South Dakota rely on these circuit breakers to manage their power needs. There are several important things to remember when buying and selling oil. 

Most circuit breakers use a non PCB oil. PCBs are an industrial toxin that were common in circuit breakers in the 1970s. While they were effective electrical insulators, they were toxic to both humans and animals. The use of PCBs in oil is forbidden in South Dakota and many other parts of the United States. 

While PCBs are not used in modern circuit breakers, they can be found in trace levels in many older circuit breakers. Many circuit breakers that were used in the 1970s are still in active circulation. Small quantities of PCBs can leach out of the housing of these units. Over time, this can create levels of PCBs in oil that exceed EPA guidelines. 

It's essential for companies to follow oil circuit breaker disposal laws. Since circuit breaker oil can't be disposed of with other industrial products, it's important to foind a used oil circuit breaker buyer. Oil circuit breaker buyers can help organizations and businesses find a safe solution for disposing of used circuit breaker oil. 

While the United States has high health standards regarding the presence of PCBs in industrial products, there are many countries where circuit breaker oil with PCBs is legal. Many companies can benefit from selling used oil to these countries. While used oil will require some filtering and reprocessing, it can be a great way for many businesses to reduce their overhead and save money. 

Industrial Surplus provides regulatory-approved disposal services for used circuit breaker oil. In addition, Industrial Surplus can provide new and replenished oil for a variety of needs.