Hazardous waste such as oil from oil circuit breakers can be a challenge for companies to dispose of. Correct disposal of the oil is important, but can be difficult. Companies may not have the space or equipment to store and dispose of the oil correctly.

Oil that is not disposed of properly may cause harm to the environment as well as people. Improperly disposed oil has the potential to cause fires, release harmful chemicals in the air and damage local water supplies. In addition, improperly removed oil may result in additional medical and clean up expenses. As a result of the environmental concerns, an environmental specialist is the best option to remove and dispose of the oil. To ensure proper oil circuit breaker disposal, Industrial Surplus is able to assist with the removal of the circuit breakers as well as non pcb oil.

The proper storage of oil requires a facility that has the capacity and knowledge to handle potential issues of storing the fluid. Proper storage of the oil requires a tightly sealed container to store the oil and prevent spillage. Monitoring the oil is also important to prevent the release of any environmental hazards into the air. Oil stored for a long period of time degrades and converts into hydrogen gas and carbon. In addition, the spillage of the oil may be quite expensive to clean up. A facility that is designed to handle these potential problems is required.

Industrial Surplus Inc. is a company that has over ten years of experience with environmental disposal and is an oil circuit breaker buyer. Oil circuit breaker buyers are able to make use of high voltage circuit breakers to generate gas. The technique uses a high pressure process to dissipate the oil to create gas. Industrial Surplus Inc. also offers quality oil for sale in addition to purchasing the non pcb oil and oil circuit breakers. The service of Circuit Breaker Oil Disposal in Vermont is available to manufacturing companies, factories as well as the automobile industry.