So much waste is generated by industries that it has become costly and problematic for them to dispose of unwanted materials. They can't just dispose of waste haphazardly because of the laws and regulations that against such practices. Luckily, there are businesses that derive income from wastes, including oil circuit breaker buyers. They are in the business of buying scrap items, obsolete equipment and other surplus materials including oil circuit breakers. Likewise, they also sell what they bought to other businesses that process such materials and make a new item out of discarded materials.

Oil circuit breaker disposal is a sticky business. Since oil disposal and recycling is a specialty of other technology businesses, the proper equipment and the know-how, manufacturers and other industries contact an oil circuit breaker buyer to get rid of used oil. Doing so allows them to concentrate on their core business. Even if used oil is not needed anymore by the manufacturer, it still sells at a hefty price. Companies that are in the business of buying surplus materials also arrange for the removal of said items, even if the seller is in South Carolina and the buyer is in another state.

Recycling and disposal of oil undergoes certain stringent procedures so that it doesn't harm the environment. Some of them – such as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) oil – are toxic, and therefore should be disposed properly. Others, like non PCB oil, may not be as toxic, yet can still be harmful to the environment if not disposed properly. If oil is allowed to be cast in bodies of water, it can lower the oxygen level in the water and subsequently kill aquatic life. With a business that recycles and disposes used oil, industries as well as communities can be guaranteed that their ecosystems are not harmed.