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There is an offshore wind park that is the state’s only way to make clean, renewable energy for Delaware. This offshore wind park is proposed by NRG Bluewater Wind which has given a boost to the economy of the state by creating long term stable jobs. Delware is the only state that is independent in its renewable energy and doesn’t have to rely on other states for it. There will be residential and small business customers with approximately 12.5% of the energy they use from clean, renewable, stable-priced wind power. Even though gas and coal prices continue to rise remarkably; however, the wind park will have stable pricing for at least 25 years. Also the fuel for these turbines is wind and wind has no cost to the project ensuring a very profitable run.

Our team is qualified and we have the best prices for the turbine parts we have. The wind turbines will use wind to generate power.  In case the cost of power goes up in the coming decades; the turbine would pay itself in time. Industrial Surplus is a Houston based company that deals with Turbine parts and power plants. We deal with fortune 500 companies to several small companies to keep our flag soaring. When it comes to Turbine part buyer, power plant equipment buyer and turbine blade part buyer in Delaware – nothing comes close to Industrial Surplus.

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