Valve Buyers looking for surplus valves in Connecticut.  Do you have any overstock valves laying in your warehouse taking up valuable space? Or perhaps you have Surplus Valves that are now collecting dust due to defaulted accounts?

Maybe you have a huge pile of used valves that you have accumulated over the years? Whatever the case or scenario may be, we are here to give you a solution to your much overdue obsolete valves inventory.  If you have one valve or ten thousand, we can offer you top dollar for your used valves, let us be your best Valve Buyer.

Just like the Huskies, we strive to have a well rounded program when it comes to providing the highest assortment in valves. We are a broker of New and Scrap valves, we help those who are looking for valves as well as those looking to relieve their surplus inventory.  If you have any type of Specialty valves, then let us be the one to take them off your hands.   Maybe you are in possession of highly coveted Fisher Control valves, these are few and limited.  Perhaps you are not a commercial company looking to get rid of used or new valves, and are simply a regular joe with no inventory.  We can still help you Joe, search those boxes in the garage or the attics in your grandpas house because we offer top dollar for  Rotary valves, Pinch Valves, Gate valves.  If you do not know what these type of valves are then ask your elders or relatives because they may have a hidden pile of money laying around if you can find us some Self-Actuated valves. We also are looking to acquire Pipeline Valves, and many other valves not listed, send us they type you have and we will still offer you something.

Help us help the environment by allowing us to participate in a Valve Recycling program we can help save the earth.  Safety Relief Valves are also some of the more common types of valves which we are looking for.  If you know any other persons interested in surplus valves let us pay for the materials. 

We are a mom and pop business who believe in high morals and integrity. We will come to you to make you an offer on your used valves.  Convenience is a high priority for our clients and we respect that, in the case that we may travel to you please take and send us pictures of your valves.  Also, inventory your valves as to quantities of each types of valves you have so that we may better assess your quote. We have been in the valve surplus business for over 25 years and our associates are familiar with industry practices and are knowledgeable in a wide range of departments.  We strive to earn your business each and every time, may God Bless You.