The most competitive Valve buyers in Louisiana state. We are all about valves. We buy valves by the singles and by the bulk. Our specialty is fisher control valves. We buy all types of valves such as used valves, new valves, obsolete valves, surplus valves in all shapes and sizes. We buy small valves, big valves and specialty valves. We buy them all. Do you have valves that you think are scrap valves? We pay you top dollar for your valves because we recycle your valves to third world countries all over the world. We pay above scrap metal prices for all of your valves. We are looking for valves in every make and model and in every style.

If you need extra cash in your pocket and you have some valves no longer in use, make us a list and take some pictures. Give us that information so we can make you a quick offer on all of your scrap valves for sale. You don’t need to know much about your valves, just snap some pictures and let one of our expert valve specialists make you an offer today.

Louisiana is known for Hurricane Katrina and gambling at the casinos. But, they are also known for their industrial companies. Many times when a company closes down, there are lots of valves that are available for sale. For instance, during the Katrina catastrophe, we were able to help many Louisiana companies recover some of their loss buy purchasing their surplus valves submerged in water. We helped Louisiana by valve recycling. It was a pleasure being able to help out by putting money in their pockets.