Valve Buyers have hear of the great cheeseheads in Wisconsin.  We are on a mission to travel the nation in search of scrap valves.  We are a nationwide based scrap company that is interested in acquiring your new and used valves.  If you have one or ten-thousand new valves then we are interested in making you an offer for your single or bulk valves.  We are looking to pay top dollar for your surplus valves.  Do not hesitate to call us immediately to get rid of your used valves.

The packers are not the only team in Wisconsin looking to make it to the super bowl this year.  We can help you get there with them, how, you may be asking? Well we participate in valve recycling and with your help we can get to the valve super bowl.  If you want to make some extra cash for  those super bowl tickets then lets search grandmas attic or garage.  She might have those Fisher Valves that we are currently looking for. Others include specialized valves, butterfly valves, or even needle valves.  So lets put those lazy hands to work and lets rummage through old boxes and hidden chests under grandmas bed.

We pay cash on the spot before any items are loaded.  We  believe in convenience for our customers, we will travel to you when making estimates on your scrap valves. When we are unable to travel to you then we ask that you take pictures and send them to us.  Also, please inventory the different kinds of used valves you may have so that we can make you a better offer on your material.