With the economy under scrutiny – many businesses are updating their inventory and getting rid of the older assets to increase productivity and generate revenue. Are you looking for a surplus equipment auction in your city? –Then you have come to the right place because at Industrial Surplus Inc. we deal in everything that surplus equipment auctions would deal in but we also offer low prices that you would expect from just surplus equipment auctions.

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We buy and sell surplus equipment all the time. We pay good prices to purchase your unwanted materials as well as offer low price on any item in our inventory. We have dealt in electric carts, truck lift hydraulics, forklifts and many more.

It is a known fact that in this economy the more you save – the better for the operations to run effectively. This is why buying new machines can be expensive but doing business with Industrial Surplus Inc will help you save money and time because we carefully study the market and bring you deals similar to many surplus equipment auctions. You can advance your company or business’s profitability by making the smarter choice. There is no need to hop from one auction to another to search for something that you need and may be unsure off. Industrial Surplus Inc. will help you throughout the way for you to make an informed and more learned decision which many surplus equipment auctions won’t do.

Visit our website at to see more deals and offers.  We offer nationwide shipping for any item you would want – so buying or selling from us is easier than before. So if you need electric carts, truck lift hydraulics, forklifts for a very low price – feel free to contact us at 713-644-4011 and speak to one of our highly informed agent. We will assure you a better service than most of surplus equipment auctions.