Sharples Decanter Centrifuge

Business news, Industrial Surplus Inc. has recently sold an Alfa Laval Sharples Decanter centrifuge or commonly referred to as Sharples centrifuges. This centrifuge was used for water treatment process with a maximum of 3,250 revolutions per minute and its centrifuge has a main forty horse power AC motor drive and a ten horse power direct current back drive motor. Its scroll conveyor was a five inch pitch with directional feed nozzles with a bonded tungsten carbide tile to allow for protection from wear.

Industrial Surplus Inc.  have thirty years of experience in industrial equipment under our belt.  The company is interested in buying surplus Sharples Decanter centrifuge as well as other surplus centrifuges.We have high standards and maintain them at our warehouse and office to ensure that our customers get the best deals for less and we keep serving and branching in various avenues of Industrial Surplus.

A notable sale was for a Sharples centrifuge with a 316 stainless steel cylindered bowl with a hard surface scroll. This machine had a 125:1 gear box on base with discharge chutes. These sales go to show how Industrial Surplus Inc. is committed to providing the best centrifuges for sale with the same quality customer service for all potential buyers.

This centrifuge works by letting the liquid material that is used as it passes from bottom to the top of the bowl to be acted upon by the centrifugal force generated. Separation of liquids is then achieved and the process of removing solids completed. The Sharples centrifuge is a machine for applying centrifugal force to a liquid. Feed pressure is required to jet the liquid into rotor and the discharge is by overflow at the discharge ports. Fluids entering the rotating bowl are caused to rotate within the bowl.  The bowl, also known as the motor, has an opening in the bottom to allow the liquid to enter with openings at the top of the bowl to discharge the fluids used.

Numerous businesses and operations require different types of centrifuges and often it becomes hard to find the right Sharples Decanter centrifuge that will meet your immediate needs. That is why we are now venturing into this industry. Industrial Surplus Inc. will offer the best prices and top dollar for the centrifuges and sell them for low prices for your centrifuge needs. >

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