Steel Mill Equipment

At Industrial Surplus Inc., we buy and sell all types of surplus Steel Mill Equipment. 
We are willing to buy your used obsolete equipment and material.
We will visit your steel mill in person nationwide if need, to give you an onsite evaluation.
We specialize in all types of new and used steel mill equipment such as: 
  • Furnace Equipment
  • EAF and Annealing
  • Forging Machinery
  • Drive Motors
  • Cranes
  • Roll Banding Lines
  • Flying Shears 
  • Strip Shears
  • Roll Grinders / Lathes 
  • Charging Buckets
  • Bearings


Steel Mill 1 Steel Mill 3

If you have any Steel Mill Surplus Equipment available for sale or if you have any questions on any equipment we have available, please contact us today!