Westfalia Centrifuges

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One recent sale that Industrial Surplus had was for a Westfalia Decanter centrifuge with all wetted parts that were all sanitary stainless steel. This centrifuge had a hundred twenty-five horse powered drive and a secondary motor for scroll control that is a thirty horse powered motor. The centrifuge has an automatic bearing lube system with a thirty-five hundred rpm bowl set up and includes an integrable pressure pump to be used during the liquid phase to product foaming and oxidation.

Another centrifuge Westfalia sale that occurred recently was for a Westfalia 2 chamber separator with a five hundred liter per hour liquid capacity. It runs on 220 volts at fifty to sixty hertz with a stainless steel case lining and a center slung basket type.

Westfalia centrifuges are designed especially for liquid-based applications. With centrifugal force, the machine separates substances and solids from liquids. They are equally as effective at separating liquid mixtures at the same time as removing solids. There are many applications for our centrifuge Westfalia ranging from separating processes in the chemicalsolutions for the chemical industry and pharmaceutical solutions for the pharmaceutical industryindustry like the processing of mineral oil andmineral oil products and  by oil and fat recovery solutions for renewable resources to the production of dairy products, fruits, beers, vegetable juices, and wine.

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