We Purchase All Types of Used and New Centrifuges


Industrial Surplus Inc. is now also buying and selling Surplus Centrifuges like  Bird Centrifuges,  Sharples Decanter centrifuges,Flottweg Decanter centrifuges,Peeler centrifuges, Delaval centrifuges and more. We buy all types, sizes and centrifuges. Different companies and operations require different types of centrifuges and often it becomes hard to find them in one place which is why we are now venturing into this industry. Industrial Surplus Inc. will offer the best prices and top dollar for the centrifuges and sell them for low prices for your centrifuge needs.

When buying or looking for a used centrifuge always make sure to deal with a company that has experience and credibility to handle such equipment. Industrial Surplus Inc. is one of the pioneers in industrial surplus in the nation. We have thirty years of experience in industrial equipment under our belt.  We have high standards and maintain them at our warehouse and office to ensure that our customers get the best deals for less and we keep serving and branching in various avenues of Industrial Surplus.